We are a precurson in the production of healthy bars in Poland. Since 2014, we have been producing healthy snacks in our own production plant. We produce energy, vegan and high-quality raw bars without preservatives, flavorings, flavor enhancers and without sugar added.

We focus on producing sweets that will give you sweet pleasure and good energy with nutritional values beneficial to our bodies.

We also want to inspire our customers to take a conscious approach to food. Our slogan is “Do you read the ingredients? Let’s give a high-five!”. This is our philosophy – we want to encourages people to consciously read ingredients and learn more about what they consume and make informed food choices.


All our bars we produce in raw technology – are processed only mechanically, without thermal treatment. This ensures that the ingredients used in production retain the maximum amount of nutrients , minerals and vitamins contained in them.

All bars Zmiany Zmiany are vegan, made only from plant-based, natural ingredients. In the production process, we do not add any additional ingredients to them – preservatives, raising agents, flavors, hardeners and any other additives. The bars contain only natural ingredients. All bars are gluten-free and lactose-free. Bars are sweet only due to the dried fruit, without sugar added.

The ingredients used in the production of the bars are selected very carefully and thoroughly checked before the production process. We use raw materials of the highest quality, also without preservatives and additives


We are friends for many years. We have met first time at our sons soccer training. . Many years have passed since then, our sons are now adults and we decide to make Zmiany Zmiany together.

Zmiany Zmiany for us is not just a company and business. Above all, it is a great adventure and a way of life. Both in life and at work, we are very similar on the one hand – we look for the most effective and innovative solutions, avoid triviality and set the bar high. On the other hand, we are a little different and complementary – one is very thorough and meticulous while the other is more dynamic and spontaneous.

Our team is not an explosive mixture, but a harmonious duo, so that we are constantly moving forward. Even in difficult times, we do not get discouraged and do not stop pursuing the goals we have set.